Jan 10, 2011

So, I read a blog post the other day entitled "Top 10 Turnoffs".  For a split second I contemplated doing a list of my own, but aside from the fact that I didn't want all that negativity messin' with my feng shui, I simply got stumped at 3. (Which by the way, does that mean I'm thirsty?)  Anywho, I decided to do Top 10 Things That Make Me Happy instead. Behold, mes amies:

10. Peanut butter and crushed up frosted flakes together as a snack. Fix your face and just try it before you knock it bruh bruh

9. HDTV's with surround sound. Compared to regular-D, HDTV's are Beyonce and all other TV's are Keri Hilson Alicia Keys. *shrug*

8. Car/Shower singing.Them vocals trump tight under the spigot. Know that!

7. Avatar. The animated series, not the movie. *puts on white gloves* Allow me to urrsher you on over to Netflix if you've never seen it. Don't have a Netflix account? Log off of my blog site immediately, please.

6. People who do socially awkward things without regard for anyone who judges them, i.e., people who play "Humans vs. Zombies" or go to Harry Potter premiers in full on costumes. I luh'yall! I really do.

5. The combination of freshly cleaned sheets and a hot shower. One's good without the other, but together.............together?!!!
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^Tears of joy.

4. Working out! The high I get afterward is like no other feeling. Shoot, even the soreness makes me feel good oddly enough. o_O Let's me know I'm doin' som'n I guess.

3. Scalp massages boiyeeeeee. It's like an automatic put-you-to-sleep aid.

2. Receding hairlines. I know this is mean and I've been going to weekly meetings to do better. But nothing makes me die inside more than a hairline that looks like it is in italics. Shoutout to Chris Brown.

1. You all. The people who read my blog. I see y'all plagiarize my stuff on Twitter and Facebook occasionally, but that's neither here nor there LOL. Just as long as you're reading homie!

Annnd in leiu of the snow day and all this freezing weather, I thought I'd leave you all with a little som'n som'n to play by the fireplace with your loved one, roommate, pet, or whatnot.


Anonymous said...

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....