Public Service Announcement: STOP TELLING PEOPLE WHAT TO DO

Jan 20, 2011


Everyone prides themselves on being different than the next man. We conform just enough to fit in, but remain uniquely different enough to set ourselves apart. It’s a delicate balance. And the people of Twitter have taken it upon themselves to help you strike that balance. Every day, people tweet the things they think others should and should not do. And if I kept a running list of all the things people prohibited, there wouldn't be much left. The following list consists of things that I've noticed will apparently get you exiled and kicked off the island:

Do NOT get mad over tweets. “It’s just Twitter” and words have no ability to cause harm at all.

Don’t spread positivity. Rev Run, Daily Love Quotes, and things of that nature are for the birds. Be apathetic and as a**hole’ish as possible at all times.

Do not spend your hard-earned money on expensive sneakers (i.e. Cool Greys, Foams, etc.). And let’s not forget you’re not supposed to wear brands like New Balance and Aasics, either. So what does that leave people, you ask? Nikes. Sperrys. Play it safe, my nigga, and be like everyone else.

Do not subtweet. Ignor the fact that the person WILL LIKELY see it (and sometimes retweet it not knowing it’s about them, oddly enough). You know how the game go, “if you have a problem bring it to me” so stuff can get unnecessarily blown out of proportion.

Black people – do not vote because you are not informed. You only vote straight-ticket Democratic and for minority candidates anyway.
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If you aren't Greek, you are to have NO opinion on Greek life whatsoever. Who the heck do you think you are to form a subjective opinion on something based on what you see? You are allowed to make judgments on anything else (politicians, celebrities, athletes) but it’s preposterous to form conclusions on Greeks without having crossed those burning sands yourself.

Straight males – you are not to use phrases like “lmbo” or “omg” because there are those who can make conclusions about your sexual orientation based on the use of acronyms.

You shouldn’t tweet scripture because it’s condescending. There are gonna be times when you mess up and even though the Bible doesn’t teach perfectionism, people will say you are a hypocrite. Don’t you dare try to be a Christian and human at the same time.

Don’t be caught dead in a flight jacket, regardless of the fact that it’s both warm and affordable. People who know nothing about your socioeconomic background will assume you can afford, and should buy other ish….like that super "exclusive" North Face gear that people brag about having.

By no means should you find Lil Duval funny. HIS ignorance and disregard for others is just one step too far above the standard accepted level of ignorance.

Don't receive a BBM and respond to it on your own time. And God forbid you tweet before you answer a text message. Just don’t do it. Oh, and you mustn’t have a phone plan with TMobile. It’s “played out”, as well.

Don’t wear flip flips or shorts in the winter. It isn’t about how you feel. It’s about how people think you should feel.

You can’t pay for a first date with a gift card. It means you’re frugal or broke.

People constantly tweet about the eb and flow of being single, but don’t you dare tweet about your relationship. People care to hear more about the issues of single people.

You get the picture right? No matter what you do there will always be someone there to tell you that it is not right, it's wack, etc. I wish people would stop trying to dictate the actions of others and focus their energy on bettering themselves. You don't like something, so be it. But telling people what to do is not the business in my opinion. "If you surround yourself with negative people, you'll never feel settled in or become an equal. They'll suppress you of your spirit and rinse you dry of smiles." _Jessie Cornish


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"I wish people would stop trying to dictate the actions of others and focus their energy on bettering themselves"

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