Eargasm: Jessie Cornish aka "Jessie J"

Jan 20, 2011


I stumbled upon a video of Jessie J a while back, but like most Youtube talents she fell off my radar, as did her, and him, and even her. That is not a dig on them by any means. I actually prefer raw (pause) up-and-coming talent but I just don't have the patience to get online every time I want to hear them.

ANYwho, Jessie J just happens to be my muse again after I discovered that she has gotten a record deal since the last time I watched her vids. Her single "Do It Like a Dude" has 10 MILLION views on Youtube and her second single "Price Tag" featuring B.o.B is dropping on the 30th, as well! Major!

Now aside from the fact that I think European singers (Adele, VV Brown, Leona Lewis, etc.) are infinitely more talented than American singers, I think Jessie would give anyone a run for their money regardless if they were born in Europe or backstage at an Aretha Franklin concert. Peep her KILL this cover below and check out her single here:


oloni said...

So interesting you say European artists, are more talented. We look up to you guys! But Jessie is doing her thing right now, i agree.

love, keys said...

oh wow shes AMAZING!

i feel the exact same about european artists. i LOVE leona lewis :)

ohh thaks for putting me on to Jessie :)

Maga'§tyle said...

Jessie Is my muse of a moment !!!!! She's a amazing and talented!

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....