Question du Jour - What defines you?

Nov 23, 2010


As with many of my blog posts, the inspiration for this question du jour derived from Twitter. When you create a profile, you're given 118 characters to write a Bio about yourself. Let's be honest, that can be a pretty daunting task. I've seen a wide variety of different Bio's ranging from quotes, lyrics, scriptures, funny one-liners, and many other things. Which leads me to this question:
What defines YOU?

Is it how much education you have attained?
Is it the organization(s) that you are a member of?
Is it the extracurricular activities that you are involved in?
Is it your gender?
Is it where you're from?
Is it your socioeconomic status?
Is it your religious faith?
Is it your interests?
Is it your looks, aesthetically?
Is it your race or ethnicity?

An obvious answer would be, a culmination of all these things make us who we are, but there has gotta be one major front-runner. No? In reference to Twitter, many people often use hash-tags to denote what they take most pride in (for example, #TeamMixedBreed lol). I would like to know what defines you and why?


Miss C i n d i a * said...

Front runner for me is my family. I live where I live to be close to them, I am pursuing my education to make a better quality of life not just for myself, but for them. Heck! I wouldn't be in the States if it weren't for them. They are my everything. I got my values from them (most of them). So yes, my family :)

Dub said...

WOW! Really nice answer. Where is your fam originally from?

El Jefe said...

I say education. The more of it (academically and socially) continually evolves me into who I am.

Dub said...

Aight, that's one for family. One for education. I was sure someone was going to say gender first said...

...might have to steal this post...haha

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