Let Nicki Minaj be, well, Nicki Minaj

Nov 23, 2010


I am no fan of Nicki Minaj, so much as I am a fan of the come up. I just don't get people who knock her for being overly expressive, "gimmicky", or any other negative assertion. Many hip hop heads have qualms with the stark change in her subject matter and delivery after signing with Young Money and to that I say:
Cause either you play the game or watch the game play you/And be that broke mutha*** talkin bout "I stayed true"/ _J. Cole
From an entertainment standpoint, she's a beast. From a hip hop standpoint, you win some you lose some. With the love of music flowing through my veins, I'm not fond of the commercialization of the art, for my listening-sake, but I ain't knockin' anyone's hustle as an entertainer! Niggas gotta eat! She's projected to sale 400,000 copies first week and is the sole, heavily recognized female rap artist out right now. Explain to me why y'all so mad? For real? No, for real? If you're disappointed 'cause you were a fan of her music prior to her selling out, cool. But mad?

I won't entertain the Kim comparisons simply because there are people who were NINE when Hardcore dropped, treating Kim like the ultimate hip hop vanguard right now. To be honest, I believed a LOT of you pump-fakin' hipsters copped that Hardcore last month for the sake of arguing. Kim ain't Lauryn Hill. Kim ain't MC Lyte or Queen Latifah. Simply put, everything doesn't have to be so dichotomous! You don't have to hate someone just because you don't love them. Be impartial, rather, because there is a ton of good, true-to-form hip hop still out here at our disposal. Handle that with care.


josieRbaby said...

I like this post and agree..
She was an underdog and now she is on top.
who are we not to applaud this "american dream".


ABC said...

I'm feeling the J. Cole quote.

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....