Sep 26, 2010


Y'all are the most disclaimer abusing people ever, you hear me?!


"I'm not trying to be mean but..."

"I usually don't do this but..."

"...., I was just kidding, you know that right?"

"No offense, but..."

"I'm not racist or anything, but..."

MAN UP!!! I'm going to judge you regardless of what you preface your statements with. If you really want to save face or prevent yourself from offending someone, just don't say anything at all. But using disclaimers to remove ownership of an impending statement is highly ineffective. It's also precisely what you NOT gon' get away with in my presence.

I was always told that "but" negates everything that comes before it anyway. So next time someone tells you "No offense but [some random offensive statement]." A red flag should immediately go off.

I'm not really sure where disclaimers originated or the sure-fire purpose that they serve. I thought it was to warn people of danger or remove legal liability, right? I'm sure whoever patented "The Disclaimer" had no clue you all would flip it and use it to mask your true feelings in conversation. Outlandish statements are bound to be said. I just think you all should have the outlandish gumption to stand behind 'em.


Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....