Black ♥

Sep 23, 2010


These are my grandparents in their early 20's. (They couldn't really decide if it was early 20s or not, but my granddad gave in to my grandma when I asked 'em, so that's what I'm going with.)


Aaaand, this is them some 40+ years later. Not the best picture in the world, but you ge the picture. (I asked my gramma how long they had been married for certain and forgot what she told me. I know my credibility is faltering as I type but bare with me.)

I learn so much from them about dedication, hard work, chivalry, pride in family, etc. Random but, my grandmother doesn't have to touch doors around my granddad. It's little things like that which leave an impression on me and shape who I am. Anywho, statistics mean absolutely nothing when you put faith in God. Everything we have, everything that we will have, has already been promised to us. I just keeping faith that that will be me one day.

EDIT: 47 years!


josieRbaby said...

<3 this.

Four cheers for black love!!!!


Anonymous said...

awww this is incredible!!! Love is a beautiful thing...

Ahrealmonster / imani said...

I love love love this post... lack love is so beautiful, especially in old age. My parents are about to hit their 25th year of marriage and like their 30th year together. I love the success. Makes my heart happy.

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....