A different standard

Sep 11, 2010

For the ten of you on the planet who aren't already aware, Kanye is dropping a new track every Friday through Christmas. There are those who are waiting anxiously for these tracks and then there are those who.....well......aren't. I guess you could say I'm somewhere in between.

So far, Ye has released 5 tracks in the order that you see above and this is my breakdown:
1. The Power Remix was everything a remix was supposed to be. Different. Bigger. But it stops there. I didn't feel like I wanted more when this track went off, I felt myself wondering when it would ever end. Honestly, it was just OK.

2. The Monster track was full of heavy hitters. Ye, Hov, Ross, Bon Iver, and Nicki Minaj on one track. I guess? But the other day, someone was talking about how star power doesn't equate to automatic fire and this is one of those instances. But let the Hypebeasts tell it, this track is 2nd to Michael Jackson's "Bad". Heifers.

3. Runaway Love ft. Raekwon and Justin Beiber? I wanted to simply hit this with a "no comment" but I have a pertinent question to ask you all. What makes it acceptable for Ye to do a track with JB? Y'all were just gon' let it slide?! Well that ish don't fly in the Burbs.

4. Devil in New Dress gave me hope when I had all but lost faith in Kanye's new project. Smooth. Real smooth.

5. The latest release, Good Friday, is not bad by any means. It's actually a dope track but it isn't anything to rave over but I'm positive it'll be on everyone's blog from here to Istanbul simply because it's a Kanye track.

Overall, I ain't wit' it. Y'all can have this new nigga cause the music just ain't speaking to me. But who am I? *walks away whistling*


adina renee. said...

i love the power remix & monster but i agree with everything else.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the track he did with Beyonce and Charlie Wilson one of those Friday drops? I thought that 1 was decent.

Dub said...

Yes and no.

He had released "See Me Now" and the "Power remix", before he made the announcement about Good Friday's. But on his site, he includes these 5 songs and leaves "see me now" out of the loop.

Kelz said...

Ye has just been a lot of hot air to me as of late. But it is what it is.

Aspirations Of Being TheBEST . said...

i loved the monster track, i agree with everything else. although, i hate the fact that nicki minaj was on the track =/ her verse was pointless, just rambling about a bunch of nothing. power remix ... no comment, i didn't like it.

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