PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT--Bitter women, get over it!

Jul 3, 2010


I used to have what you could call a vendetta of sorts against bitter women. But after some thought, I changed the error of my ways. I now have a vendetta against some bitter women. Progress is a process, folk.

Anyway, as a result of deep thought and consideration, I actually empathize for some women who have an icebox where their heart used to be. I was just thinking last night, to be in love with someone and have them take advantage of that would be CRUSHING. Honestly, it would take an act of Congress for ME to trust someone again, so I understand where some of you women are coming from. But let me be very specific, this is in reference to those who had their hearts broken while in a committed relationship. The ex-girlfriends, the ex-wives. Those are the women I feel remorse for. *Ques Jay-Z's "Lost One" and pours out a little Kool-aid*

NOW, for the other 80% of bitter women. I'm still working on my novel, "99 Ways to Kill Y'all Self"! Some of y'all are wrongfully putting yourself in the category of women that I previously described but you %80 are a totally different bread. You all are bitter because you acted like a relationship existed where none existed at all. You are the groupie. The jumpoff. Number 2, maybe even 3. The homie. The "little sis'." You are stored in his phone with a nickname. You confused interest with commitment. You thought because you were "talking" to a guy and received regular calls/texts that he owed you something, completely overlooking the fact that the majority of those calls/texts that you receive come after sun down. You call yourself marking your territory and getting mad when you see another female's name pop up on his phone, forgetting that you aren't even dating him. Point blank: if it has not been explicitely stated from both parties that you are committed to one another, don't assume. Some of y'all are on this "N.A.S." tip because a dude broke the terms of y'all cut buddy agreement and other comparable situations. Where they do that at?! The moral of the story is simple...get over it!


Supastarrr said...

Preach! that "don't assume" point has most of these broads LOST. i really hate sour apple bitter bitches

Corinna said...

i was just saying the exact same thing to a group of friends the other day!!! thank you for this :)

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