Blogging Code of Ethics

Jul 1, 2010


So, I was doing some research for a speech that I had to give recently on blogging (Go figure, right?) and I stumbled upon this "Proposed Code of Blogging Ethics" in a book that I checked out. Rather interesting. What y'all think?

Promote Interactivity
• Post to your blog on a regular basis.
• Visit and post on other blogs.
• Respect blog etiquette.
• Attempt to be entertaining, interesting, and/or relevant.

Promote Free Expression
• Do not restrict access to your blog by specific individuals or groups.
• Do not self-censor by removing posts or comments once they are published.
• Allow and encourage comments on your blog.

Strive for Factual Truth
• Never intentionally deceive others.
• Be accountable for what you post.

Be as Transparent as Possible
• Reveal your identity as much as possible (name, photo, background info, etc.).
• Reveal your personal affiliations and conflicts of interest.
• Cite and link to all sources referenced in each post.

Promote the “Human” Element in Blogging
• Minimize harm to others when posting information.
• Promote community by linking to other blogs and keeping a blogroll.
• Build relationships by responding to e-mails and comments regularly.

Highlighted are the ones that I think are particularly important. Happy blogging!


e. said...

#truth .

Supastarrr said...

On point!

KEKE&MARiAH said...

I'm glad you posted that cause I just decided to make a new blog with a friend and this can help us out lol.:) LOVE IT!!!

Boi Genius said...

*hint hin* @ BlogRoll

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