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May 3, 2010

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So, I'm updating my blog post-graduation May 9th. I have a neat, new idea with a good photo for the header and graphic design skills to bring it to life. More important, it's all my idea--from the plug-ins, to the link graphics, to the footer arrangement.

Some of y'all slick with the copy-catting stuff. And I'm thinking about stealing nick-nacks from each of your blogs just to see if you'll notice, because I peep you borrowing things ouchere. (I kid about the stealing from you all, of course.)

Not that it's a competition. Not that I'm on some--I'm the originator of all things creative 'cause everything has been done before. Not that I'm on some--my stuff is the hottest. But it's MY STUFF. It's lame to steal ideas and some people are sacrificing artistic integrity to have what everybody else has...and I can bank on one person in particular stealing my stuff every time I utilize something new! I make an effort to link back to every blog that I gain inspiration from, whether it be videos, photos, whatever. But to each his own. Smh.


feedmekicks said...

your blog is dope. one reason why it made me peep in the first place was because it looked so different than everyone elses. lowkey i'm kinda jealous of your blog, but it's all gravy baby!

people always gonna "borrow" from the next person they think is doin it. *rolls eyes.

kudos to you on your blog, though trey!

Eury said...

I love you blog, always have!

We're all guilty of content "borrowing" but it irks when I go to support a follower and their blog looks exactly like mine...

Its just a sign your doing something right! Stay up ;)

Dub said...

thanks y'all.
I guess I'm overreacting in a sense, but at least y'all get the gist of what I'm trying to say.

Shadé said...

Far from overreacting, I'm dealing with this now. People say I'm crazy when I can point out the coding but whatever.

You should be flattered to be honest and not let it bother you.

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....