Reason #57 Lebron > Kobe

May 3, 2010

Ladies, I heard y'all love a man in a suit....

Lebron lookin' perfectly normal in his tailored get-up. Nice little touch with the white pocket-square.


And Kobe lookin' like Grace Jones. Got some nerve wearin' a headband under that fire white top hat! ..............#putGodfirst

Lebron - 100
Kobe- 4 (championship rings)


JustNorman said...

i can not take this dude seriously. why does he look Somalian?

CY♥ said...

I agree! Kobe looks A MESS! & what happened to his facial hair ... ? He needs some. He looks .. crazy.
Lebron ... mmmmm. lol

Supastarrr said...

"perfectly normal".
Kobe [&& Vanessa] knew he was
wrong for that. I can't
see how any of his teammates
look him in the eye after this one.

VonDign said...

lol thats def not lebrons hairline lol..#photoshopFtW

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....