PASSION POST - 2 Part Q&A with Audrey & Chris

May 30, 2010


Waddup Audrey, so I’ve been an avid reader of your blog for a little while now, and I also follow you on Twitter. Where does “FeedMeKicks” come from and tell us about your enthusiasm for sneakers? all started back in the Myspace days. I wanted an internet alias that expressed who I was. I was listening to a wayne track, “feed me rappers or feed me beats” and then it just came to me. Ever since then it stuck. People dug the name. They was on it so much that I started seein it pop up all over Myspace and shit like that.

When I was young I wasn't really into shoes. My family didn't have money to drop on sneakers and so I just wasn't into them. I remember my first pair of real sneaks was the Air Jordan 14's. Black/Red colorway. Like 1999? Yeah...I thought I was hot shit. No other sneakers really pop out in my memory after that, until the patent leather black/gold 1's. It's been on and poppin ever since. It's not like an addiction anymore, it's more like a lifestyle. That's why I got the swoosh tatted on me.

What draws you to each shoe that makes its way into your arsenal?
I try not to live for the hype. If I see a shoe, usually I'll instantly like it or instantly hate it. That's basically it. I like bright colors and I have a very weird sense of taste.


You post a lot of music on your blog, if you could raid any artist’s sneaker collection, who would it be and why?
Big Sean. No doubts about it. His style is on POINT to me. I never see enough dunks on his feet, though. I may have to say Chris Brown. Can I raid two closets?

Is there any sneaker that you see people rockin’ that you wouldn’t be caught dead in?
I definitely think any Jordan fusions are like AIDS for a sneaker enthusiast.

What’s your favorite sneaker of all time? Favorite sneaker that you own?
Patent leather black/gold 1's hold a nice place in my heart, just because they were so clean and a milestone for me, if you can call it that. That's probably both my favorite of all time and the favorite of my collection.


As a female, I have to ask, do you solely wear sneakers or do you get equally as excited about heels, flats, etc.?
No. I don't get excited about anything else. I couldn't name to you a handful of name brands of heels, in that case. That aint my style and I won't act like it is.....ever. I heard not wearin heels is a turn off for a lot of guys, but there's a lot of guys who respect the sneaker grind and dig that aspect as well. So, I don't lose in that area. Lol.

Is there any shoe that you’re currently searching for, or a release on the horizon that you can’t wait to drop?
I haven't been trying to search really right now because college is pullin a massacre on my bank account, but the SB Dunk Skunks are pretty dope. I might wanna try and hunt those down, just because of the whole idea behind the shoe.

Be sure to follow her @FeedMeKicks and check out her blog here! Thanks again, Audrey!

2nd sneaker fiend interview with Chris coming soon!


Supastarrr said...

Nice interview,
Audrey's the ishh.

big booty judy. said...

i dig.

e. said...


feedmekicks said...

i appreciate you lettin me be on the blog, trey! :)

Dub said...

NP, I'm glad y'all enjoyed the post.
I enjoyed it, too! lol

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