"Roof top like I'm bringin' '88 back" _Cool Kids

May 30, 2010


So, my grandparents have a stash of throwback (and new) things in their house and when I visit, I
NEVER leave empty handed. If I need curtains for my apartment, I shop at my grandparents. If I need new spark plugs for my car, I shop at my grandparents. If I want a pocket square for a formal event, I shop at my grandparents. Their collection of valuables is comparable to Wal-Mart and they could single-handedly have a yard sale that would boost the economy and bring us up outta this recession. I'm just waitin' on the word from them, so I can hip up my PR friends and make this move.

Anywho, I went by their house today and found this Polaroid camera sittin' around. I lik'to died! I know y'all remember these jawns, right? Take the photo and it develops RIGHT on the spot?! Why haven't they incorporated this into these new-school cameras?


Guess there is no need for this joint anymore! Now y'all are gonna have to excuse me, 'cause now I'm off my Va$htie Kola, Polaroid swag.


Shadé said...

I have a burgundy Polaroid impulse that I use from time to time. But I ran out of film, I need to re-up.

Eury said...

I still have my polaroid instant camera, doubt it works tho lol

Dub said...

Eury, y'een tryin' to come up off some film though?

big booty judy. said...

i want a polaroid, shit's are classic.

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....