Feb 28, 2010

I been gone for a minute now I'm back with the jump off.
_Lil Kim
So it’s a been awhile, and I’m back with a vengeance. Since it’s 2010 and people are trying to make moves, I’ve compiled a list of things I would like for us to officially be OFF of in order to keep it moving in an orderly fashion this year. [Que Jay-Z and Drake's "Off That" softly in the background] and follow right along:
  1. Posting in people’s honesty box/formsprings. Are you serious? We aren't in elementary school, passing out Valentines Day cards with little secret admirer messages on them. Grow some balls. If you ain't man/woman enough to say it to the person, then I suggest you take it to your grave Mr. first name Anonymous, last name Lame-O. #Weoffthat.
  2. Let nicknames die. There's a difference between inside jokes that are funny from time to time, and then there's lame ish that people come up with and never let go of. Ok it was halfway funny the first time. It's no where near entertaining now. #Weoffthat.
  3. This is specifically for my college seniors. We need to be off being broke. And I can say this because I’m guilty of it. It ain’t cute. A broke 22 year old is not sexy. You're bout to graduate, come August you're not getting a refund check. So umm get your money in order now. #Weoffthat.
  4. I personally would like for the tight wearing ladies to be OFF THAT. I don’t know why this fad has lasted this long. But please retire your tights. I don't want to see your cameltoe in the front and butt crack in the back anymore. At least if you're going to wear them make sure your top covers your butt. Because I'm sick of walking up the stairs behind a girl, and I got daisies or flowers or whatever her underwear imprint is in my face. #Weoffthat.
  5. Lastly, I would like us to be off bad music. Stop supporting these talentless rappers and their one hit wonders. Creating a hit song has become so algebraically simple: repetitive beat + made up word = #1 on the radio. REALLY’ Are we so easily entertained’ Well I refuse to be apart of the problem anymore. ‘Oledoit’ if I ever here someone incorporate that into their conversation, I won’t tell them to kill their self, I’ll do it for them. #Weoffthat.
Can y'all think of other things that we really just need to let go?

Until next time,


Jaron said...

Can I get a cash-strapped pass until I start my full-time job? #imjustsaying

Also, this is up for debate, but we may need to be off Myspace. I'm considering closing mine.

Kelz said...

I thought we were already off myspace?
Yea Jaron, we can definitely let that go.

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....