Boredom, another unfortunate side-effect of Monday

Feb 22, 2010

So I'm sitting at work, bored out of my mind right now. And considering the fact that Twitter is uber dead, I thought I'd kick it with y'all and dispel 5 Likes and 5 Dislikes that have dawned on me most recently. There is no rhyme or reason, nor are these in any particular order or anything:

5 Dislikes:

1. Depressed people. Everyone knows that one person on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Blogspot that needs to be put on suicide watch like YESTERDAY? Please spare all of us the negativity.Photobucket

2. Bad trending topics on twitter. For example, #FollowFriday, which is about as effective as child support enforcement.

3. The myth that all homosexual men can dress. Let it be known that some of y'all just ain't that fly!!!!

4. Spring Break. Aside from the fact that everybody wants to take up space in the gym prior to Spring Break to get they body right, the break itself just reminds me of the fact that I'm broke and prolly won't be doin' anything special.

5. False humbleness. You know the people who are typically like: "got yet anooooother interview today. ugh, so many opportunities i don't know which to choose! My 6 internships prolly won't be enough to qualify for this position." Um.ok.yeah. Kill yo'self!

1. L.L. Bean Rain Boots. People who manage to look fly even in the rain are an inspiration for me. These boots keep you from havin' soggy sock syndrome AND they look equally as dope on men or women.

2. Coffee shops. Nah, ya boy don't drink coffee but the chill environment reinforces my bougey. Kthanks.

3. Girls in plain white t-shirts. A look that is pretty much played out or frowned upon for men, but it never occurred to me how effortlessly fly women look when they do it.

4. VH1'sOxygen's Bad Girls Club--So, I just started watching it this season and I'm a stan already. I don't regret a minute spent watching that show.

5. Friends you can count on. Shout out to my li'buddy @miss_kelliebaby. Owwwwwwww!


Eury said...

dislikes #4 && #5 <<soooo true

likes: #3 && #4 BGC comes on Oxygen not VH1, i think...

thanks for the twitter request

Dub said...

you right! good look!

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....