Corny but Goodie?

Jan 9, 2010


Wallet chain?
Make-up on a grown man face?
Destroying an old song with a sample?
Kissin' in the hallway like that ish happens in real life?

Albeit, I can't stop listening to this jawn. In my defense, it comes on everyday at work...and it's catchy in spite of being cooooorny.


sasha!!! said...

I'm not goin lie first time I saw this video I was beasting! Not visually, I was gassed because he sampled Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek and thats my shit. I thought whoever produced it was clever I don't actually remeber his vocals LOL. Anyway watching this video is like slitting wrist. Honestly dude is mad Gay and needs to own up to it. I can tell you don't wanna kiss that girl in the hallway..ol lying ass
:\ and I let the sisters watcha nd they concurred. Not hating the gay people, but ya'll need to hurry up and recruit homeboy lol

Eury said...

#fakeasschrisbrown i'll pass lol

Dub said...

LOL y'all a trip! i did get Chris Brown vibes!

Marie said...

though his 2nd single annoys the shit outta me, i like both him & this song. i think if he puts down the auto-tune he'll be good to go though. ive heard him accapella & his vocals are type nice. it'll be interesting to see how far he gets in the industry.

ps: there are many straight guys in the entertainment industry wearing make-up folks. bronzer & all that jazz. its all about looking good to sell your product so if bronzer makes that face less oily, honey the make-up artist will pile it on & please believe the artist will rock it.

Supastarrr said...

lol I don't care for this song much.

Audrey. said...

i like the song because it IS catchy.
at first i was like WTF is this on the damn radio.

.cris. said...

i heard this song yesterday... & thought about your post LOL

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....