Dec 6, 2009

1. Bout Ya’ll (feat. Josh Everette)
2. Chewy
3. Friendly (feat. Curren$y)
4. Goodbye
5. Hit Tha Flo
6. Lose Control
7. Moola And The Guap (feat. L.C. & Lavish)
8. Studio Lovin’
9. Right Here (feat. Josh Everette)
10. Red Carpet (Like A Movie)
11. Superstar
12. Take Away
13. This Plane
14. Who I Am
15. Young Boy Talk

Newly independent artist Wiz Khalifa (aka Mr. Spacely) is back with an album entitled Deal or No Deal. His mixtape Flight School was the one of THE BEST joints to release this past summer, easily. For those of you who want to go to the store and get the album, good luck. I've tried and nobody even received any copies. Therefore, download the album here. If your conscience kicks in, come back and click here to buy it. Treyningday legally supports good music when it's easily accessible; otherwise, you gettin' stuck for a jack-move bwaoh! "Oh-kaaaay!"


Supastarrr said...

haha I LOVE this tape.
I've been on this, Lupe, && Chip Tha Ripper like crazy.

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....