"..necklaces with Jesus / See me as blasphemous for I don't need them / God give me strength..." _Wale

Dec 5, 2009


When I saw Yeezy rocking this necklace, I knew I had to have one. Ben Baller, from I.F. & Co. is responsible for designing the black, wooden Jesus piece that Kanye always wears and now the good folks over at GoodWood NYC have made it possible for everyone to have one.



GoodWood NYC is responsible for making a lot of dope, wooden jewelry such as 3-finger rings. This replica of Kanye's necklace is their latest project and it comes in both black and maple wood. I'm definitely copping one for my birthday, because I just think it is ill. Be sure to check out their website here and hit the "read more" link for a video about the release of the limited GoodWood Jesus piece.


A.R. said...

lol, kanye looks fat.

"Dub" said...

hahaha, he does have man boobs in this jawn. must've been post Thanksgiving las'year

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