Year in Review

Dec 24, 2009


So, I was over at Tasteless Diamonds bein' nosy and realized that 2009 is practically over and I should probably do a re-cap of my favorite moments like those ladies did. So, check me out, homie!

1]My favorite album was?
Rap: Wale, "Attention Deficit"
R&B: Ryan Leslie, self-titled album "Ryan Leslie"

2]Most prized posession?
Canon Rebel XS DSLR camera

3]Stuff I gave up on...
Facebook. Twitter is so much more entertaining, brah.

4] Something I fell in love with...
Blogging! Started my joint in January and been rollin' every since...

5] A goal I accomplished was..
Finally moved off campus and into an apartment!

6] Something I changed about myself...
My career plan--opted out of a masters program after undergrad and decided that I'll take a year off to take pre-reqs for a Doctorates of Physical Therapy program, instead.

7] Favorite Movie-
Dark Knight--Heath Ledger was fye!!

8] I've been wanting it all year...
to hurry up and graduate already, I got moves to make!

9] Historic event-
President Obama's Inauguration!!!

10] BEST 2009 memory..
I was invited to go on a SICK West Coast family vacay--Vegas and San Diego! It was all the way live! Hit the "full post" link for some pictures that I took over there!

Stopover in Houston

Stopover in Atlanta (Huntin' all over that airport for a sign that said "Atlanta" and this is all I could come up with.)

Landed in Vegas (Houston + Atlanta + Vegas= HoustAtlantaVegas, shoutout to Drake!)

The AMAZING neighborhood we stayed in during our Vegas stint. MTV Cribs on deck!

Dinner at the Excalibur Medieval show. Son, they gave us an entire roast chicken! I truly had a nigga moment..

Inside of the Bellagio Hotel, where I saw Damon Jones!

Fountain show outside of the Bellagio

Then we went to San Diego for a stay, Little Italy to be exact

Downtown San Diego 'bout to catch the trolley.

San Diego Zoo!

All kind of random jawns on deck inside of there! This thing can lick his ear.
Random, I know.

Simba was on deck, as well. Sleepin' the entire time.


Thought this was a vine....

...that is until she started walking around bein' all sensual..and stuff.

Paparazzi clockin' ya boy!

I see you representin'!

Little Italy, home of THE best Italian food EVER!

Check my camera skills, homie!


lalaliybean said...

omggg !!! i loved those pics. i wanna go see that vine lady asap!

Dub said...

hahaha, she was off the chain lemme tell you

Anonymous said...

These pictures look like it was great times! FYI: I might steal your 2009 re-cap. lol

s a s h a said...

totally stealing your idea and your banner is awesome

Dub said...

feel free, i can't wait to read them! haha

Merry Christmas!

Supastarrr said...

obv i need to go to Vegas.
&& the last pic is my new desktop background

Dub said...

say word! lol

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....