Trey's Journey For Attention

Nov 10, 2009

^ That's exactly how I felt after today, yo. I had to go through hell and high water to get this CD. It was a JOURNEY, let me tell you. I didn't even have facial hair before I went to get the CD. I have never went to such lengths for a purchase ever. Here is a re-cap for those of you who don't follow me on Twitter.

  • Duration: 1 hr, 40 minutes.
  • 6 stores.
  • 4 No's.
  • 1 Huh? Wale who?
  • 1/4 tank of gas.
  • 15 dollars and 99 cent.
But I got the CD and that's all that matters. The things I do to support good music, I tell you. The girl that works at FYE in the mall TOLD me to pre-order Attention Deficit a week ago!!! And my dumb tail told her that I would be fine. As SOON as I came into the store tonight she laughed and said, "Lookin' for Wale, aren't you? Now I told you last week you should have pre-ordered it. I just sold the last copy, but I got this edited one left." LOL. Moral of the story: Plan ahead, brah!


Supastarrr said...

wow his album is flying off the shelves!
I pre-ordered mine --snicker--

Anonymous said...

Lol! But u finally got it!


s a s h a said...
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s a s h a said...

idk i havent even heard it yet .. :\

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....