"Toffee, peacan, liquorice...[girl] you so beautiful" _Wale

Nov 11, 2009


This new ad by Puma is so aesthetically pleasing!

*walks away singing*
"Women of color,
And Sneakers with strings,
Theeese are a few of my faaav-or-ite things"
seen first at ashley nicole online


Chymere said...

this is hawt

Deandra said...

i see i wasnt the only one definitely diggin that song....no homo though lol

"Dub" said...

LOL! Trip trip! yeah, it's a hot track

s a s h a said...

i don't understand why they have to be naked though... for sneakers. Im not even tryna be the "girl" in this comment but for real thugh what was the point of the naked ness what does it symbolize?..
it reminds me of this commercial they forever have on hulu.com. about reeboxs, but the camera is like zooming in her butt..

just saying..

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....