Nov 5, 2009

In my review of Ryan Leslie's debut album, I went in kinda hard on oh boy, because I had not given the CD the right amount of listening time. Sometimes you gotta let music marinate like chicken before you know how you really feel about it. Annn-ty-who, I'm back with yet anoooother rushed album review...lol. But don't judge me, because this time, it didn't take long for me to realize that this album is stone cold. I've been anticipating this jawn for weeks and I was not disappointed. All bias aside, here is the scoop:

Ryan Leslie is
not--I repeat, is NOT a vocalist. That was obvious from his first album and it is apparent on this second go-round. He won't wow you with high notes and runs, but he is undeniably consistent in his approach. He attempts to show a liiiittle range on "I Choose You" but it doesn't raise the hair on the back of your neck or anything.

Nevertheless, with tracks such as "To the Top"
(my personal favorite), "All my Love", and "Guardian Angel", Ryan Leslie LETS LOOSE as a musician with plenty of ill beats, filled with percussion, bells, and whistles. If I could describe this sophomore effort in one word, it would be: SMOOTH.

Other standout tracks include:
  • "Sunday Night"
  • "You're Not My Girl"
Now head on over to your local F.Y.E. and tell 'em Trey sent you. Dig me?


Marie said...

Im feeling R Les as an artist. I just love his presence and his approach to the whole music thing. He doesnt try too hard.

P.S. "guardian angel" & "to the top" are the ishhhhh

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....