Excuse me as I air some stuff out

Oct 9, 2009


Something is apparently in the air because people have been gettin' waaaay out of pocket as of late. Nowadays, everybody with a mouth has a HIGH level of self disclosure. And they think its okay to tell you whatever it is that's on their mind as long as they hide behind the 'I was just keepin' it real' disclaimer. That's just dumb stupid to me. Unsolicited advice is the WORSE kind of advice in my opinion.

But needless to say, I think I'm going to join the movement and get rid of the filter on my brain and let niggas know what's on my mind when they start talkin' slick to me again. Until then, I guess this blog will suffice. Excuse my rant:
  • If you not on the Forbes list...don't tell me how to spend my money. I work two jobs, so I'm in liberty to splurge when I want.
  • If you ain't got a car...nor ever had one...don't gripe at me because I'm not trying to give you a ride somewhere. Get acquainted with public transportation and tell the bus driver your testimony.
  • If you've seen Friday, Next Friday, Friday After Next, Boyz in the Hood, Menace to Society, Roots, AND The Color Purple and I haven't....doesn't make you any blacker than me. It makes you typical.
  • Every middle to upper class black person I know is always soooo afraid of perpetuating stereotypes. Well, just because I'm a black man in pursuit of higher education, does NOT mean that I have to add a few Blink 182 albums to my ipod to further validate my intelligence. That's silly to me. Excuse me as I shoulder lean and/or stanky leg and please don't confuse my jigg for a minstrelsy show.....nigga.
  • Look girl, I know they say there are strength in numbers. But, just because you're out with all your friends does NOT automatically make you cute and does not give you the freedom to pop off, just because the peanut gallery will laugh at any coherent thing that falls out of your face.
  • If you disagree with a blog post so much that it makes you angry, don't attack the writer, attack the ideas. Or better yet, don't eem comment...hit that red [X] at the top of the browser and keep it movin'.
  • If you ain't Kanye West, Tom Ford...or Ralph Lauren himself...miss me with the outfit critiques.
  • If you're overweight.....and you talk about other overweight people. What are you really doin' with your life?
  • If you apart of the "men ain't ish" movement, then you and your friends need to take a cruise to a remote island and come back on Neverary 32nd.
  • And yes, I bought the I AM T. PAIN application for the iPhone and I dare you to judge me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


s a s h a said...

nigga so what....

hey "just keepin it real ;)"

lol funny post.

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling you 100%.
Comical yet so true at the same time.
You just made my day 5x's better

Tiamaria ; said...

HA! funny :)

Anonymous said...

first off: hehehe
secondly: u really have 2 get up on your black films lol jk

Melanie! said...

lmao this post is hilarious
i like ur blog :)

I'm following

A 20 yr old Howard University student from Chicago's random thoughts..

Anonymous said...

Haha the overweight thing was on the tyra show the other day..

This girl wasnt slender and yet she made fun of other overwieght peopl....FAIL.

Christie Jay ! said...

Hilarious but true!

Pssh. instead of subjecting to a stereotype people should give some kind of honor to a black man getting a higher education :)

I'm just saying.

"Dub" said...

LOL, preciate it y'all.

oh and believe me, ive seen those movies a hundred times over.

krazy mad said...

ehhhh! *throws hands in the air*
ya did justice =)

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....