Come-Back Kid?

Jul 21, 2009


So, I cannot sleep. The last day of classes is tomorrow and for some reason, I am up at 3:18 as if I've never experienced L.D.O.C. before or something. Anywho, I'm watchin' ESPN (go figure), so I thought I'd post about my boy Michael Vick. He was officially released from federal custody today, so now he has the ability to lobby for his return to the gridiron! I dig!

I hate that its even a question as to whether or not Vick should be able to return to the field. Don't get me wrong, I love dogs just like the next person and I do not condone Vick's actions, but Donte Stallworth kills a pedestrian while drivin' drunk, and cops a 1-month plea for a 30-year crime. I just think it speaks volumes about the justice system more than anything else.

Jerry Richardson, Carolina Panther's owner, needs to stop playin' and let Vick come throw the pill for the Carolina Panthers, because Jake Delhomme is shaky at best. Smch, don't even get me started...

What are your thoughts on Michael Vick's case? Should he be allowed to return to the field?


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