Will all the real BARBERS please stand up? PLEASE?!

May 5, 2009

joe camel

I'm not even gonna front. Finding a good barber is sooooo difficult. My brother kept my haircuts lookin' fresh all through my youth and when he moved to Atlanta, I refused to get a haircut...hence the reason I had braids when some of you first met me. However, there comes a time in every man's life when he just has to let go and bite the bullet. Allen Iverson let go. Trey Songz let go. Xzibit let go. Carmello Anthony let go. Etc., etc.

The problem that arises after someone cuts their hair is finding a decent barber!! One that can actually cut well while talking junk, takes his or her time, knows the difference between a taper and a fade, and doesn't take your hairline back. Although the quest to find a barber seems insurmountable, there is no way in the world I would go without a haircut at all. Nowadays, when I go to the barbershop I just have the barber take some hair off and keep the busted edge-up to themselves.

Jay Z has taken another route and gone completely haircut-less. And as high-maintenance as Beyonce is, how could she let him do this?! What happened to "upgrade u"?!?!? Lo and behold, Jigga is all in everyone's blog and nobody seems to be paying any attention to that matted up, Brillo Pad-looking concoction on his head. I just don't understand it and my heart goes out to all the barbers in New York who are gettin' boo-booed on right now. Whatever the reason behind Jigga not getting an edge-up remains to be a mystery, but he is looking more and more like Joe Camel by the day.

What is your take on Jay-Z's "new look"?


GlAMGiRL said...

ok i love Jay-Z. i adore that man but even im like wtf. enough wit this no haircut ish.....not cute at all. the number 1 thing every man needs is a fresh haircut.

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....