And the Balmain Battle goes to...

May 16, 2009


Lady Gaga! Wait, that's Kim Kardashian perusing around town with Ciara rocking the all too familiar Balmain vest, what appears to be Emilio Pucci sunglasses, and some distressed jeans. It is obvious that Kim took bits and pieces of other celebs style and threw it together, but it works. I can't say I'm in favor of dressing down a top that costs over 3 G-notes, but whatever's whatever when you're rich and famous, I guess.


In any event, I thought it was hella dope to see that Mrs. K has some knock in her trunk. It appears she went and got a 15 inch sub put in her Bentley Continental GTC. You alllready KNOW I dig that in a major way...the sound, and of course the car. I wonder what Reggie drives?


Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....