The Divorce Dilemma: Growing up in a single-parent home

Apr 13, 2009

Coming from a single-parent household, I know how hard divorce can weigh on a child throughout his/her lifetime. I don't know the statistics, but marriages just are not lasting like they used to. The notion of living "happily ever after" is just that--a notion--one that hardly manifests into reality. More times than none, women are left to fend for themselves and carry the burden of raising a child, or multiple children, all alone (occasionally males are single parents, too, but rarely).

After visiting my older brother in Atlanta over the weekend and spending time with my army of nieces (a 2 year old, a set of 1 year old twins, and newborn), I could not wrap my mind around the idea of a man turning his back on his children. Just as an uncle, I wish I lived closer to them so I could see them every single day...I couldn't imagine if they were my own children.

A lot of people grow up resenting their father because he peaced out on their family. I won't even front like I don't harbor some resentment towards my dad, because I know that he could have added so much to my life and my personality. But, to each his own 'cause I'm dealing with it and my family is so great that I hardly feel a void. Nevertheless, I cannot stand when people down play the idea of growing up in a single-parent home, like it's just common place. I think it's a difficult situation and should not be over looked no matter how often it occurs.

To those of you who come from single-parent homes, or those of you who have witnessed a friend who has gone through the situation, how has it affected you and what are your thoughts on the "crisis"?


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