"When my album drop, women will buy it for the picture..."_Drake

Feb 27, 2009

There's this age old argument over whether or not looks are more important or personality is more important in the opposite sex. When you ask a guy what he likes in a woman, more times than none he will tell you that he likes someone who is "pretty," "smart," "not too high-maintenance," then he'll pick a specific physical characteristic such as "big ol' butt" and then go off on a tangent talkin' about all the different types of butts there are, from bubble butt to donkey-butt to high-butt.....LOL.

And when you ask a woman what she likes in a man, she'll usually respond with "intellgent," "has to be able to carry a conversation," "honest," "kind," and then she'll occasionally be honest and say "he has to be attractive"...

Now there is a major difference in both responses. Men usually are more outright and (cough)honest(cough) with the fact that physical appearance is HIGH up on the totem pole, and then the rest follows. While woman seem to stress the fact that personality traits hold more weight than what a man looks like. I find this VERY confusing because I notice in my day-to-day assessments that women are just as, if not MORE, superficial as men and they are very meticulous about what a man looks like. Girls rave on and on about big chests, six packs, fly sneakers, nice cars, good hair, light-skin, good height, big arms and they will even subject themselves to bad situations (being cheated on, one-night stands, verbal abuse etc.) just to get the opportunity to be with a "physically flawless nigga".....

So, what's more important to you ladies, honestly? The way a man looks? or how "intelligent" he is? Fellas, you know the deal too...what's more important to you?


Unvabyanjye said...

Can he gets the two things???
it will be very nice from him
according to me he can gets it all
if he works hard physically and mentally
all are about volontary'' want"

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....