How I Use Facebook

Feb 20, 2009

Everybody has a Facebook account. I got one. You got one. Yo' momma probably has one. It's an epidemic and it can be either healthy, or unhealthy...depending on how you use it. So, I thought I'd give you a little insight on how I use facebook, so that you, in retrospect, reflect on how you use facebook and see if you need to make any changes.

: Where else can you go, click around for 5 minutes, and figure out every event that is going on around campus and the surrounding area? Don't worry, I'll wait....

-Status updates: More than the "info" section, more than a "profile picture"....I think a "status" tells more about a person than anything else. Personally, it allows me to be creative or share ideas, songs, quotes, that I find interesting. It also allows me to promote my blog!!

-Finding old friends: This is why a lot of old heads venture into the Facebook realm, but I've found a lot of my high school classmates on here. It's interesting to see how people you grew up with are currently fairing and you can even keep in touch with old basketball coaches from high school, etc. etc..

-Pictures: It's interesting just to see what is going on in other peoples lives (yes, even people you may not be alto familiar with) via photographs. When someone TELLS you what happened over the weekend, you have to worry about them gasin' half the time, or making up something that didn't even happen at all....but pictures have the ability to tell an entire story without any bias. In addition, Chapel Hill is boring, to me by looking at pictures I can get an idea on things that I could be doing during my liesure, dig me?

Also, I suck with by looking at a picture, I can put a face to a name a little easier when I'm friends with someone I've met on Facebook.

-Facebook Marketplace: A lot of people do NOT use this joint, but it's pretty helpful! I actually purchased a car off Facebook Marketplace from a UNC doctor/professor, who was buying his son a new car and wanted to make a little money off the old one. Consequently, he sold me the car, which was a 2001 model for the LOW and all I had to do was drive 3 minutes off campus to get it and go over the logistics.

-Pick-a-Prof: I use this because sometimes I wanna get the goods on a professor before I take a class all willy-nilly. Trust me, I've avoided some tyrants and taken some breeze-through courses just by looking up their class information on Pick-a-prof prior to enrolling in that joint....

-The privacy feature: Well, this is pretty self explanatory. I don't need every random Joe-Schmoe in my B.I. Not that my life is full of scandals, or even all that interesting, but you get the point. If you don't get the point, remember...your mother has a facebook.

How do you use your Facebook, besides stalking your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend?


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