They get it from'ney momma

Feb 20, 2009


So, this is the type of things that get discussed in the barbershop...aside from game scores, neighborhood gossip, and get-rich-quick schemes. Which one of these women would you rather take home to meet the 'Rents? Sanaa Lathan, or Halle Berry? A few friends and I went to war over this issue this past summer and it seems to be one of those ongoing debates that will never end, no matter who you ask. Take a look at their accolades and decide for yourself. (Women, feel free to respond as well.)

Sanaa Lathan:
-37-year-old, New York native
-best known for her role in the movie Love and Basketball (altogether now--1, 2, 3, awwwww)
-has a degree in English from University of California, Berkeley and was accepted into Yale School of Drama
-Edge: Girl next door vibe

Halle Berry:

-age 42, and "she still got it"
-won an Academy Award for her performance in Monster's Ball
-she was the 1986 Miss USA first runner-up in the state of Texas
-she has a Revlon have to be pretty to market cosmetics. Let's be real.
-Edge: She has clout...Halle's been every man's dream since I can remember.

My verdict:
Halle "she got her own" Berry, by a very slight margin. Sanaa gets MAD points for her level of academic attainment, but Halle is really good at what she does as far as acting is concerned, so I ultimately would have to go with her.


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