DHOE Playlist 2012 x Drinking Game

Nov 1, 2012


The Rules:  Similar to other drinking games. ”1 Drink” means a decent sip/pull of drank, not an entire beer, glass of wine, or shot.  While listening to the 'tape, the initial time that you hear any of the following words or phrases, do the following:
  • Any apparatus used to drink (red cup, solo, double-cup, airplane bottle, etc.) - 1 drink
  • Any brand name or nickname of alcohol (Patron, lean, punch, Nuvo, etc.) - 2 drinks
  • Any form of inebriation (tipsy, wasted, leaning, etc.) - 1 shot or shotgun a beer
  • If YOUR SONG comes on - 2 shots 
Cop the 'tape HERE.
Please drink responsibly!

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