Caught Up In The Rapsody ♪ ♫

Sep 5, 2012


Yo, if you were to take Lauryn Hill, Tribe Called Quest, Maxine Shaw from Living Single, Minerva (the Roman goddess of poetry), that ol' lady behind the register at the corner store who smell like potpourri and mothballs, Maya Angelou, Paul the Apostle and mix them together in a melting pot, I'm pretty sure it would result in this young, North Carolina artist known as Rapsody.


I listened to her new CD, The Idea of Beautiful (released August 28th from 9th Wonder's Jamla camp)  today at work and it was so refreshing, so insightful, so soulful, genuine, skillful, inspiring...SO BEAUTIFUL! I'm just...

I'm just so proud of these MC's from the crib putting on right now.

Stream and/or cop the album HERE. Features include 9th Wonder, Ab-Soul, Mac Miller, The Cool Kids, BJ the Chicago Kid and more. You won't regret it, g!

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