"Talk what you know and not what you think!"

Aug 21, 2012

Yes, that is a picture of a South African city. No, there are no wild animals present.

How much do you infer about other people (places, things)? 

A man in a suit. A young woman wearing a hijab. A staunch feminist professor. A history major. A passerby with visible tattoos. Someone who speaks broken English. An African-American Democrat. A member of a greek organization. Someone with a nice car. An older, white Christian. Someone wearing eyeglasses sitting in front of a Macbook. A girl with spiked pink hair. A jock. Really take a second to think about the things you'd instantly infer about these people upon seeing or meeting them...

When we lack knowledge about a particular person (place/thing), our brain quite often fills in the gaps with false information based on previous experiences, media images, things we've been told by parents/friends, etc. This can potentially lead us into giving people things they haven't earned (e.g., assuming a liberal student is an overall compassionate and accepting person) or we may take things away from people unnecessarily (e.g., assuming someone with visible tattoos lacks a career-oriented focus).

How do your inferences impact the way you THINK and, more importantly, how you ACT towards people?

Just some food for thought.  Holla back youngin', whoot-whooooooooot. Holla back.

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