The Natural Hair Saga, Continued...

Jan 22, 2012

Bruh, I LOVE natural hair--braids, twists, dreads, low-boys, big fros like Foxxy Cleopatra, or curls like Corinne Bailey Rae--gimme all of the above in copious amounts, please. The reason for my adoration is that these styles are, in large part, unique and exclusive to women that look. like. me. Plain and simple.

Dismissing a woman with natural hair is the equivalent of me saying that I don't like the appearance of hair that grows out of my very own scalp, g. The day y'all hear me downplay something on MY person, just know that the end is NIGH, y'hear me?!

Not to sound preachy 'cause at the end of the day somey'all gon' continue to be willfully ignant anyway do what you wanna do, but I think black people gotta cease and desist with the "natural hair ain't for everybody" stuff...which, to me, basically says "unless you have naturally curly waves like Traci Ellis Ross then natural hair prolly ain't for you". NAH, g. There is no natural hair heirarchy with curly hair being at the top and matted hair being at the bottom, as far as I'm concerned.

And while I'm at it, allow me to debunk the myth that the majority of black men are anti-natural hair. 'Tis false. A lie from the pits of hell in fact. Whether you're wigged up, relaxed up, or natural'd up, men still gon' choose 'cause that's just what we do.  I can't really provide empirical evidence to back up my claim but know that I don't stand alone in my adoration for hair of all types.

Until next time, stay fly and uhhh, watch this completely random, unrelated video. Peace.

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