Grace + Nothing

Jan 6, 2012

I wrote this at work on my cell phone so please excuse me if anything is unclear, g!

I'm amazed/worried about the sheer number of folk who attend church faithfully but aren't taught/know little of God's grace and what actually merits salvation.

We give our lives to Christ and begin to have our hearts and minds renewed but somewhere along the line we decide to continue, in the flesh, what was started in the spirit. Meaning, we take on the burden of trying to be "good enough" for salvation by adhering to man-made benchmarks for what a Christian is SUPPOSED to be like. We try to reach heaven by looking the part on Sundays in our Steve Harvey Collection suits, praying verbosely in King James English, giving x-dollars in tithes, quoting scripture on impulse, trying to appear sinlessly perfect, etc. We allow these worldly standards to overshadow the importance of being humble, having empathy for the poor, shouldering the concerns of he oppressed, loving our neighbors as ourselves, giving cheerfully, forgiving freely, etc.

But most importantly, we lose sight of the fact that salvation is a GIFT. We are saved by Grace through faith and nothing more. We don't have to be perfect, we don't have to earn it through good deeds, and we can never be "good enough" for salvation. Thankfully! I know that I fail too often to leave it up to myself.

Someone tweeted a very well-written article on the topic of Grace and I thought it'd be good to share. My post, written hastily on a cell phone, doesn't cover the topic as extensively as it could. Peep the article here. Peace!

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