Dear Future Me

Jan 15, 2012


I disliked change a lot when I was younger. I 'clare, if it was up to the old me, I would've worn the same thing every day like a cartoon character, hung with the same people, and did the same things. When your routine is the same, it's easy to manage your expectations. But as I've gotten older, I've grown accustomed to constant change and growth. I look forward to it!

So, when I came across this dope little site called FutureMe, which allows you to write an email to your "future self", I jumped at the opportunity to pen a letter righ'quick that'll be delivered to my inbox a year from now. I know it's going to trip me out when it finally comes!

I encourage everyone to take a minute to write yourself some future words of inspiration. Or a note reflecting on the present, so you can see how things have changed (hopefully for the better). Or some motivation for something that you should be working toward 6 months, or a year from now. Shoot, write about something great/funny that happened recently that'll brighten your day later on down the road.


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