Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Oct 19, 2011


"Let the way that you live ('light of the world' - Matt. 5:14) make people want to believe your message before you try to persuade them that it is true."
I came across this quote in one of the Apologetic texts that I've been reading. It's something that I'm sure we've all heard before in some form or fashion. And although it was in reference to Christian living, it can be applied to many different people with many different messages.

Politicians give rhetoric-filled speeches which give off the impression that they have the public's best interest at heart. Then they push and vote in favor of policies that in no way reflect our values.

School district leaders say they want to provide the best education for our students. Then they take shameless pay raises while teachers are forced to come out of pocket  for basic teaching supplies.

In the same token, if the life of a Christian doesn't match the Good News [of mercy, favor, freedom, hope, victory, redemption, forgiveness, equality, GRACE and LOVE] that's being preached, then people won't even hesitate to dismiss it, no matter what's being presented. And do you blame them? I certainly don't.

In just a minute's time you can lose your witness, but it can take forever to get it back. May your actions entice the people around you to wanna hear what it is that you have to say, whatever that may be. Peace!

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