"I'm a Michelle looking for a Barack" Pt. 2

May 20, 2011


So, I saw this post over at Big Thoughts From Big Vince basically talking about women and their expectations. Naturally, I could not resist the urge to chime in, with this unneccessary burden that I've placed upon on myself....
Trey, Defender of All Righteous Men or some ish.

But anywho, the line that struck me most was actually the title, "I'm a Michelle looking for a Barack". And I got to thinking about the unrealistic expectations some women have in regard to their significant others, specifically women have been hurt in a previous relationship. The Adele-types. The Keyshia Colezesses and such.

In my eyes, some women think that being mistreated by a man somehow ups their stock. Now, all of a sudden, these women are in liberty to make generalized statements about millions of men (typically black men). In addition, the next guy that comes along in their lives has to be near-perfect or "Barack Obama-esque", as Vince pointed out.

That perception is totally skewed, however, because NEWSFLASH: A failed relationship does not turn you into God's gift to Earth. You are the same woman you were BEFORE that failed relationship. If anything, your stock has dropped because there's now all this extra baggage that you expect some new stranger to help you unpack.

Be clear, while I do NOT condone mistreatment of women in any way, I do think there this trend of finger pointing and name-calling that removes all personal accountability on the part of women who choose to involve themselves with "ain't sh*t niggas", romantically or otherwise. There has to be signs. It doesn't take me 10 seconds to recognize that a McDonalds employee is having a bad day and prolly spit in my drink...so I KNOW yall are ignoring obvious signs. I refuse to believe that life is a cartoon and these men are Master's of Disguise. It's just not plausible.

*walks away mumbling...

"Barack Obama" doe, my niggas?*

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