Dear Teyana Taylor....

Apr 13, 2011


Dear TT, I can call you TT, right?

For years, the general populace has been trying to figure out what exactly is it you do and how you became famous when we've only witnessed you flash your young tenderloins on a few runways and release your very own line of lip-chap.

Honestly, you had niggas believing that you snuck through the backdoor of relevancy (and I use that term with caution). But wholetime, you were concealing the fact that you were a welterweight underground boxer and worked part-time security for Chris Brown. Make that paper, Boo Boo.

You see, I'm not in the business of knocking anyone's hustle. But I do have to ask....WHAT WERE YOU THINKING "ALLEGEDLY" ASSAULTING AN INNOCENT BYSTANDER OVER CHRIS BROWN? So, a chick made a snide remark and the best counter-attack that you could conjure up was to throw caution to the wind and go Leroy "The Last Dragon" on her, b?!
That's what's good in the Suburbs?

And to make matters worse, you fled the scene before the cops arrived. Now I'm no Sherlock Holmes, but nothing says GUILTY like someone running away from a crime scene. Did you burn out in your Harley-Davidson, my nigga? Or is it gang policy to just take your shirt off and run down the street after acts of recklessness?
You let ME know. I'm just trying to piece together the missing details.

I've heard of being ride or die for your crew and all. But you fighting for Team Breezy, not John Gotti and the Gambino crime family, beh. There had to be someone disposable in y'all clique of pop-locking misfits that could have handled that light work. Omarion, maybe? In your quest to be famous, TT, you have done little to stake your claim as a performer or anything of the sort. But oh! In your quest to be infamous doe?! You right on track. #TeamBreezyorDie


Adina Renée. said...

Lmao @ this whole thing, I have no idea why she's fucking "famous". It's pretty annoying.

Anonymous said...

Let Lil Mama get her shine. Wait, that ain't Lil Mama. My bad. lol

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....