"And you don't do it for the man, men never notice" - Drake

Apr 27, 2011

Everything men do is for women. From our standing haircut appointments to our collection of bow ties, g. A bunch of squirrels, just trying to get a nut. It's that simple.


Everything women do, however, is for other women. From the cute shoes/bags/nail designs to the never ending calorie-counting-weight-watching-obsession. It's all to the good if she can walk past a group of women, put her two fingers in the air and say: I did it on 'em.

Women are in constant competition amongst one another, perpetuating the "catty" stereotype that they so vehemently deny. It is unreal, g. Women's criteria for what's "winning" is usually set by her female peers and success is based on subjective, biased, external validation by the gossip girls.

Shows like the Real Housewives of Atlanta or Basketball Wives are microcosms of reality, depicting women who live well beyond their means just to prove that their life is better than the next jawn. Even it means being evicted from their homes and having their cars repossessed.


Of course those shows are the extreme, but there are certainly smaller cases of this conundrum playing out on college campuses. The most pervasive being Greek Letter Organizations.  In a book entitled "African American fraternities and sororities: the legacy and the vision", Clarenda M. Phillips talks about how BGLO's lend themselves to elitism amongst black women:


The author goes on to discuss and give examples of unhealthy competition amongst women on college campuses, but I digress. I know people get real testy when you talk Greek issues while not being a participating member. And people's love for things cloud their ability to think critically of them. Another day, another blog post.

Anywho, the reality of the situation is that while men are cleaning up their cars to cruise the strip and get attention from the ladies....the ladies are on the strip puttin' on for other women because they are bi-curious everything that women do is for other women.

What say you?


josie renee said...

I think everything women do is for other women is a stretchhhhhh a bit... but I must say, when I think of what imma wear, or what i'm going to do, I rarely have men in mind. ALOT of women do though....

The reality of this situation is this -- insecure women feel the need to try to stunt on other women. Secure women do not. Sure I would love to dress nice and get compliments from other women because those are the most legit compliments but by no means do I roll out of my house like I gotta be the baddest jawn, with the hottest outfit, etc.... I leave that for catty women who get upset if someone is looking at them too long, or who always wonder "why he with her for". Dont. have. the. time.


p.s: on the greek remarks, I think its friendly competition between the orgs but sometimes it does go too far..... (I say speak on it, i'm greek and im not mad LOL.)

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....