V-LOG: What Chris Brown Taught Me About Women

Mar 26, 2011


josieRbaby said...

WOWWWWWWWW... so many thoughts.

a) the ending "shout outs to chris brown" -- too early, too soon!

b) the sliding scale of standards -- I hate to do this but I confirm that this is infact true. But think about it, it makes sense. If an everyday broke fool (who you are helping to support) is gonna cheat, or a more wealthy dude (who is helping support you) -- as a woman, I take the wealthy anyday. OBVI, in the ideal world both of them can get the boot.

c) I was surprised at some of these 'girls' defense of Chris Brown too... like dude seriously has mental/anger issues and needs to seek help. This one girl in particular was 'like the next time Chris needs to punch something he can punch me! in my face' -_-. AND she was serious. The world is crazy I tell ya.

All in all, siiiiiighh.

Great VLOG!

@RonaldRanier said...

Dude! I don't get it either.
To those girls with the "he's human" excuses (my sis included), I ask them: so when a dude beats the shit outta you, I am to accept that b/c he's human? Their answer: *crickets*

Anonymous said...

you know what...you sholl is tellin the truth...#oomf came to mind #dead

Krystal said...

Umm the sliding scale doesn't make sense to me. Whether you are broke or rich, there are suppose to be certain things you don't tolerate. I'm not letting a rich or broke nigga beat on me. PERIOD.

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....