PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Stop Blaming Greeks/Athletes and Step Your Game Up, Fellas!

Mar 5, 2011


Even though I haven't been single for practically 5 years now, I still keep my ear to the streets and take note of the struggles and the triumphs of my single brethren. Because, God forbid, what if I have to dust of my Chuck Taylors and get back in the game one day.  I'd like to be able to say, I stiiiill got it. On the flip side, being cognizant of the dating climate surely prevents me from taking what I have for granted because it can get hard ouchea in these streets.

But alas! Onto the point of this post!

One thing that amazed me while in college, on the campus of UNC specifically, was the multitude of single, attractive, intelligent, and driven women that seemingly went unapproached (properly!). In a setting where the ratio is dern near 5:1 in favor of men, if you aren't talking to at least one of these Nefretiti' like boys are losing.

And not only are some of you losing, you refuse to take accountability for it. Instead, you would rather swear by this notion that "girls only chase ballplayers and Greeks".  It's sickening. In a world where basically the only place there isn't a disproportionate ratio of women to men is in Men's locker rooms, there is no country for lame, tired excuses like that.  You niggas need to man up and  stop making athletes and Greeks your scapegoats. Isn't it against Man Law to slander another man for personal gain anyway? And so what if they are highly favored? Face it: some of y'all game is on life support, and many of you are mad Creeper-like.
Passive-aggressively getting at women via Facebook photo comments and Twitter DMs.  Grabbing girls you don't even know at the club and saying the first thing that comes to mind, like "Sorry, I thought that was a braille name tag." And then you wonder why you can't get any play?

At this point in the game, women will settle for a dude with good table manners and no obvious physical deformities. It's a buyers market out here, b. And all jokes aside, a respectful, cordial approach to women people in general has never led me wrong. Instead of worrying about who these girls are chasing, why'on't you niggas catch up and get on som'n! Spend some time with some positive male influences so you know how to approach women and stop listening to Charlie Sheen and Kanye West. Besides if your nights often times end like this:


Then chances are, it's YOU and not these other dudes you claim are stealing your shine. Consequently, your argument is voided.

*Retreats to man cave.*


josieRbaby said...

"At this point in the game, women will settle for a dude with good table manners and no obvious physical deformities. "

-- sad reality out here. LMAO.

Kelz said...

God forbid...

Dub said...

^ I figured you wouldnt be able to get past that part. -__-

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....