Question Du Jour? - Can we live, too?

Feb 23, 2011

 After reading these tweets...
  • Be religious all day long if you want, but d*mn keep your brain. It was given to you for a reason.
  • The formula: Tweet about religion = losing followers.
  • I'm not anti-religion. I'm anti stupidity supported and encouraged by religion. No wo/man is God. question for today is simple, yo. Why is religion constantly and vigorously frowned upon?

There are so many other institutions shaping far worse mentalities, yet religion seems to be on the receiving end of plenty unjust criticism. Even despite my passion for Hip-Hop, I can accept the fact that, as an institution, it is responsible for selling unattainable hoop dreams to our generation. And no one, NO ONE, seems to constantly denounce the backwards ideologies of chauvinism, fast money, and apathy that these musicians are feeding to our youth.

Instead, people are revolted by the Bible and treat scripture as though it is the crutch of any weak argument. When at the very core of Christianity is to love God and to love one another. Simple as that. Humble yourselves and have love for even the unlovable. I just can't see how this can be viewed as an undesirable, obstinate frame of mind by anyone.

And as with any system of beliefs, religion has it's fair share of those who have perverted it's ideas and principles in an effort to make money, or to instill hierarchical frames of mind, etc. etc. These are by-products of bad people, not religion as a whole. There will always be a few bad apples in the bunch.  Even the Bible itself warns against false prophets and teachers who go out into the world and spread false beliefs and teachings. So taking isolated incidents of ignorance (such as the Westboro Baptist Church) and extrapolating that out to all worshipers of God is unfair.

If you are going to live by this creed of open thought and equality for all, how can you cry "acceptance" and in the same breath, cast down those who choose to live their lives by what the Bible teaches?  It's at that point that respect for all, becomes respect for some. Not all feminists, homosexuals, eclectics, artists, or other are "open-minded" and not all religious people are Bible-toting "close-minded" hypocrits. I think if these anti-religious people would take a step back and assess what they are doing, they would see that they are, in essence, guilty of what they are accusing people of. 

Again, why is religion so frowned upon? Can we live, too?


RawrSavvy said...

I can honestly say though I am a God Fearing woman, and have my roots in religion, many of the people who choose to tweet about God or other religious entities are usually the people who don't even practice what they preach. Other than that and me not really being a fan of "organized" religion, the strength in the word I practice on my own gives me much more life than hearing them from other people. It's a toss up though

Anonymous said...

From my experience not only do unbelievers have problems with Christians due to the fact that they don't practice what they preach but also because Christians tend to come off as better than others. Some of the divide comes from people that believe there is a God but don't want to be obedient to His word, thus when people attempt to educate (if necessary) or remind/correct them. This causes a "holier than thou" reaction and can cause people to stop going to church or leaning more about Christ.
In any case its important to remember not everyone can get saved. (John 6:44) Some people will simply resist, and others will believe and give up. Its important to keep in mind that the enemy is COMPLETELY against Christ and will do whatever to try to stop the spread of the kingdom. Thus if you REALLY on spreading/speaking the truth expect resistance. The world hates/hated Jesus so of course they gon hate his believers. (John 15:18)

Dub said...

appreciate both of y'all comments!

Kelz said...

I guess the ultimate problem is that people are seeing too many bad examples. I was always taught that you should work towards having your own deeply personal relationship with God. So no matter how many times I may have falling off the wagon, I never looked to someone else for an example of what to do, because I knew what God was requiring of me. I understand having your own reservations. But people don't do nearly enough research to even make the statements that they make. I mean if you get screwed over by a Wachovia, are you going to stop putting money in banks. No you are just going to find another place to bank with. It's the same way with church. If a certain one isn't your fit, move on to the next one.

And as far as the people that tweet and facebook about religion all the time. The bible says, "You shall know them by their fruits." (Matt. 7:16) So pay no attention to what they say, watch how they walk, and how they treat people. Because that is the ultimate example.

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