Multiple [Twitter] Personalities

Feb 17, 2011


Every time I log onto Twitter, someone is being brought forth and charged with two counts of Twitter Thuggetry and/or Mistaken Identity.  People often say things like:
“You say stuff on Twitter you wouldn’t dare say in person.” 
“You act totally different on Twitter than you do in real life.”
Not only are these statements annoyingly redundant, but they suggest that people are one-dimensional. It completely discounts the idea that there is a time and a place for everything. Now I can only speak for myself when I say, it’s not that I lack the gumption to speak my mind in person, it’s just that the opportunities rarely present themselves. Think about it.  If I don’t like someone, chances are we have very little face-to-face interaction. I'm not with that "keep your enemies closer" nonsense.  And in the event that we do cross paths, what I look like walking up to someone in the bread aisle of Whole Foods and telling them a clever one-liner about how lame I think they are? That's how niggas end up on WorldStarHipHop. As previously mentioned, there is a time and a place for everything and Twitter just happens to be the outlet for many to speak their piece. The way I see it, saying what I have to say on a social network does not make me a "Twitter Thug" because if I did say it in person what are you really going to DO?

In terms of these mistaken identity accusations…it all boils down to the fact that people are multi-faceted. The face that I put on for a job interview is going to be totally different than when I’m chillin’ with my friends. The same applies for Twitter. It’s a platform for RANDOM THOUGHTS. People tweet extemporaneously and allow things that they would normally suppress in conversation slip through the cracks. And if someone tweets something, it is essentially who they are. Right? The thoughts originated from within them, not someone else.

But I don't know, I'm just rappin'. Thoughts?


Connie said...

I think many people live by the ‘Facebook/Twitter isn’t real life’ mantra. That’s where the e-thuggin’ accusations come from. Since it’s not viewed as ‘real’ it’s ok to talk as wreakless as you want, it doesn’t matter, it’s all ‘fake’. Personally, I hate that statement. How I act in my 5-9 doesn’t reflect my 9-5 life. But all of it is a reflection of me.

Adina Renée. said...

Eh, I hear what you're saying but it's more of people lying on Twitter & FB like their real friends don't have an account and can't disprove what they are saying. Like, imagine a girl you used to date saying she's a great cook on Twitter but you KNOW that she burns toast. You see what I mean? Just flat out lies.

Dub said...

LOL! I feel what you're saying, Adina. I didn't take into consideration the completely delusional folk.

@RonaldRanier said...

What’s funny is when you bump into the “Twitter thug” accusers and THEY don’t follow through with their threat, after I harmlessly tweeted some sarcastic nothing to them.

@Adina, that sh*t pisses me TF off. "Riding down Peachtree in my Lexus." MFer, yo mama is unemployed, you got a Metro phone and I just dropped you off at the Marta station last week! And now you're in a Lexus? FOH

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