"Learn to love yourself before you can love others.."

Feb 16, 2011

shoutout to my brother from another, Terrance Atkins lol

We're taught that in order to be a good friend, significant other, or pat'nah in crime you have to learn to love yourself first.  There is a Wiki page on How to Love Yourself. There are even paid "life coaches" who will swear by this idea of me, myself, and I. First of all, how does a person coach another person on how to live, b? *vomits*


This me-centered lifestyle is so backwards to me.  We all have a tendency to be very prideful, boastful, and just all around self-centered and it's a result of what we see, read, and hear every day.  Not to sound preachy all'ugh time, but this is one of the reasons why my faith is so important to me.  I've learned life lessons that are completely opposite of what the world teaches. Just because every one is "toasting to the douche bags" doesn't mean that's what's up.

Seriously, just think about what this world would be like if EVERYONE were selfless in nature and completely put others before themselves?  At the end of the day, all man loves himself essentially (Ephesians 5:29).  It's just innate.  You don't need  a wiki page, or a life coach to learn how to do that.  Instead...maybe try putting others before yourself and see how fulfilling that is to YOU and those around you.


Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....