Question Du Jour? - Tyler Perry Movies

Jan 31, 2011

I wanted to hurry up and get this post in before the inception of Black History Mont', because I know black bouginess is at an all-time high during February. So without further ado....

A question that has been a-stirrin' in my spirit lately is why do people have so many issues with Tyler Perry and his films?

He has been on the receiving end of tons of criticism, mainly at the hands of affluent blacks and film critics.  And I can't for the life of me, figure out WHY YOU MAD?

He is not in the business of educating. His purpose is to entertain and drama sells.  Personally, I don't see anything wrong with his subject matter because I have never seen a stereotype displayed in a Tyler Perry film that I have not seen in real life, several times over.  I think black people have an unrealistic worldview of ourselves to think that he is pulling material out of thin air for these scripts.  For every 1 black elite who stands in the foreground for everything good and great in our culture, there are 2 coons shucking and jiving in the background doin' som'n they ain't got no business doing.  I mean, take this for example:

^Yes. This actually happened in 2011 people.
*moment of silence*

Anywho, Tyler Perry has a self-made, rags to riches story and has provided us with several comical, very successful films in light of the situations that he has been through. The idea that he now "owes" it to the black community to switch up his formula and show them in a more pleasing light is beyond me. People are more concerned with image control in the entertainment business than we are with issues going on in our own backyards.  So again I ask, what's the problem with Tyler Perry and his films? 

All humor aside, I think black people as a whole have this grandiose sense of entitlement in regards to other black people who have "made it". Who are we to dictate what Tyler Perry is obligated to do with his own ART? I’m sure there are things he wished people would have done for him when he was homeless, that fell on many deaf ears. 

He catches a lot of flack for his films, but people overlook the fact that he is a philanthropist and has donated $110K for homeless teens in Atlanta, 1 million to the NAACP, some of the proceeds from “Why Did I Get Married, Too” went toward the Sister Sister Breast Cancer Support Group, he spearheads his own charity for the hungry/homeless, amongst other things. On some serious what-have-YOU-done-lately type stuff...what MORE do you want from the man than to obviously strip him of his creativity?  To me, it stems from selfish motives.


Anonymous said...

I agree! I don't really see why people have such a problem with him either. His movies have a balance of negative and positive aspects of the black community. I think people miss most of the positive messages he intends to send. I was especially annoyed by Spike Lee's criticism...he sounded very petty/jealous to me. Spike Lee has made some great films and Tyler Perry isn't trying to take that away from him so why bash the guy. His story is actually inspirational and the fact that he gives back so much is wonderful. Personally, I go to the movie theater to be entertained and as long as his movies achieve that goal he's alright to me. I don't look to Tyler Perry movies to define the black community or to tell me how to live. Besides, if you don't like his films simply don't go see them...clearly, there are enough people that love them.

Dub said...


My sentiments exactly. Thank you.

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