Dec 14, 2010


So I'm the ONLY one that has a problem with people saying, "If I went to 'such and such' University I would have a 4.0 GPA"?

Alright, cool. I'll be the Lone Ranger.

One thing I quickly noticed during my stint at UNC is that a lot of people are big headed without merit. Since when did it become cool to downplay the accomplishments of others in an effort to justify your sub-par performances?

Sound like jealousy to me, homie.

So you got into a top tier school? Fine. But if your GPA is trash, your lips should be sealed because YOU made the conscious decision to go to the university on the hill knowing your work ethic was on Section-8. Red flags should have gone up anyway when yo' academic adviser looked you in the face and asked if you had a back up plan to this whole college thing.

“He who is humble is confident and wise. He who brags is insecure and lacking." You know what speaks for you? Scholarships; internships; academic awards; graduating with Honors; writing a Senior Honors Thesis; getting accepted into Med School or the graduate program of your choice. It's NOT merely existing on a campus that has a good reputation. Because believe it or not, YOU and your friends may not be making A's and B's like in high school, but there are people around you who are still doing just that. People who party less, and study more. People who speak less to their accomplishments in highschool because those days are over.

Wake up. Shut up. Let your grind talk for you. Please.
...Oh and get off Twitter talm'bout you "study grinding", nigga, no you ain't!!


josieRbaby said...


Prestigious is just a name if you don't do nothing with it.

& inregards to your closing: My favorite is when people tryna quote wale and say "no days off" yet they took off yesterday, & the day before -- grind talk is for the birds.

El Jefe said...

True words.

e. said...

Now lets have the Benediction...
-If you feel as though this post has spoke to your heart please humble yourself and pray with me..." Nah let me stop playin' with the Lord Jesus Christ! -_- But ummm, this was true people are outta their lanes these days... Trying to act so above what they really are.

Dub said...

LOL, E you a triiiip for that

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....