Maybe You Just Aren't That Interesting

Dec 29, 2010


I was reading some relationship advice by Demetria Lucas aka "Belle", blogger and writer for Essence Magazine, and someone asked her this:
I'm a pretty, intelligent, independant, successful woman. I'm 32. I find most men are either intimidated or just want to sleep with me. I prefer an out of the box thinker, who's not in the "in" crowd.... help?
*blank stare*
*2 blinks*

I can't do anything but shake my head because the opposite sexes never think to acknowledge the differences between themselves. The woman who posed this question has probably never considered the idea that.. maybe, just maybe, guys don't find her that interesting. So, you are an "intelligent, independent, and successful woman"? Great. He'll be sure to hit you up when he wants to go half on a business venture or when he needs some stock market advice...

..but being an upward advancing, "glass ceiling" breaking, gender role hurdling machine is mostly impressive to yourself. Honestly, dudes are more impressed with how you look in your business suits. More interesting to us are things like: Do you know who Brandon Roy and Tom Brady are? Can you tell a joke in a room full of people and have them cracking up? Can you roll one up? If you heard Jay Z's "Dead Presidents" could you spit a few lines? Or is hanging with you straight up like watching paint dryzZzzzZzzzzZzz....sorry I just fell asleep thinkin' about yo' laundry list of accomplishments.

ANYWHO, It's your personality that people draw interest in. Think about how you have always met friends in the past. You sold yourself, not your escrow account. I know it sounds like I'm beating a dead horse, but I just don't get why people turn meeting others into quantum physics. The next time you get to ranting about how you can't find the right dude, or dudes only want one thing in spite of your 6-figure salary, consider the notion that maybe you just aren't that interesting. *Walks away laughing at the fact that you bout to google "Brandon Roy"*


ABC said...

Ha, the last part has me dying.

it'sok2bu*nique* said...

Ha! great post! I am definitely this girl. Thanks for the advice:)

Don't watch me, w-w-watch my feet....