Barbershop Talk: Kobe vs. Lebron, cont'd

Nov 5, 2010

Harry How/Getty Images

When asked who the best NBA player of all time is, most of you say MJ automatically, ignoring Bill Russel's 11 rings, 12 all-star appearances and 5 NBA MVP Awards. [So for all-time purposes, your criteria doesn't have anything to do with championship rings, clearly.]


When asked who is better between Kobe or Lebron, the very first thing you all default to is "Kobe has more rings", ignoring the fact that Lebron is on pace to shatter Kobe's scoring numbers, already has more NBA MVP Awards at a younger age, and is infinitely more athletic. [So for the purposes of this argument, all of a sudden you guys are more concerned with championship rings.]

So, with that said, I want you ask yourself, are you jocking Kobe and blindly ignoring the obvious?
The answer is obviously yes.

Not to mention Lebron's sneaker releases have been consistantly better all-around....

...than Kobe's. But that's neither here, nor there.


Confessions of A Confused City Girl said...

Lol Kobe's shoe is AWFUL!

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